Has your garden started to look a little dated? Are you bored with your yard and struggling for ideas on how to bring some excitement back to your landscape? Than this article is for you! We’ve studied what the horticultural industry says is “hot” and investigated what’s considered to be “cutting edge” in gardening this year and based on our research we’ve discovered the 5 hottest trends in landscaping this season. Maybe these are just the ideas you’ve been looking for!

1. “Green” is the word! Using organic gardening techniques such as composting are the way to go and sustainable landscaping practices such as using native plants in your garden will allow you to spend more time planting and less time watering. Many of these native plants are perennials which makes them economical and once established they are very drought-tolerant.

2. Vibrant colors are always desirable in a garden but what is new this year is how these colors are being introduced to the garden. People are viewing their outdoor space as an extension of their homes and colorful cushions, comfortable furniture and strategically placed exterior lighting are helping to accentuate the beauty of our stunning flowers and pretty foliage.

3. Not only are outdoor spaces being considered an extension of our homes but we’re looking for ways to enjoy them all year round. Pergolas, awnings, screens and umbrellas are helping us to enjoy our decks and patios even during the heat of the summer and the increased popularity of fire pits and patio heaters help us to enjoy the outdoors well into the fall.

4. Outdoor spaces are meant to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and nothing says oasis more than the sound of running water. Ponds and fountains not only enhance a landscape but they also help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Water features for any budget are available and even the smallest of spaces can enjoy the soothing sounds of water.

5. Finally, above all else let the games begin! Many of us grew up playing backyard games like croquet or lawn darts and the yard as a fun place to be is back in vogue. In addition to the aforementioned games lawn bowling and Bocce ball are also making a comeback.

So now that you know what is all the rage in landscaping this season why not try some of these ideas in your yard this year! 

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