White Feather Hosta

White Feather Hosta is small and is the perfect Hosta for every collector! Leaves emerge in spring almost pure white with a hint of green in the veins, then darken to a green-cream blend as the plant matures. White leaves on a Hostas are a rarity. The more sunlight they receive, the whiter the foliage gets. Lavender flowers appear in summer. The plant grows 8 inches tall and spreads around 20 inches. Hardiness zones 3-9. Receive 1 bare root in your order.  

Planting Instructions: Use well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0 - 6.5.  Plant so the crown is 1" below the soil surface, leaving developing eyes at or just below the soil surface. Spread roots evenly throughout the soil for faster growth. Allow pots to dry slightly between watering, especially until growth appears. Hostas are light to moderate feeders. It is best to incorporate a slow-release fertilizer in the soil before transplanting. If topdressing is desired, apply to the top of the soil after potting.

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