The City Garden

It’s hard to believe what you get when you buy The City Garden Box. In this box is everything you need to grow, even in a small space! You get Organic seed packets for Cucumbers, Peppers, and Tomatoes. You’ll get an amazing soil-less growing media made from coconut husks called coir peat, which is the secret that makes The City Garden such a success. You’ll get a little greenhouse with seed starting discs to germinate your seeds, and you get fertilizer packets formulated especially for The City Garden crops you’ll be growing. The instructions you get with your City Garden Kit are absolutely foolproof and take you from starting your seeds, expanding your coir block (kids and adults love this part) setting your fertilizer pellets, to planting your seedlings. It’s a fun and easy system that works even if you have a brown thumb. We actually like to pride ourselves on eliminating the dreaded “brown thumb syndrome”. Just follow the directions, add water and you are growing! Requires additional shipping. Regularly $30.00

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Price: $25.50



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