Sweet Purple Asparagus

Sweet Purple Asparagus is larger, and more tender compared to green asparagus. This asparagus has a wonderfully mild, nutty flavor when cooked. It has a 20% higher sugar content than green varieties which makes for more flavorful asparagus. The spears turn green when cooked. Grows 24 to 36 inches. This plant resists fusarium, rust, and crown rot. This plant is deer resistant, winter hardy, and GMO-Free.  Hardiness zones 3-8. Receive 10 crown roots in your order.  This is a preorder and will be available in late March.

Planting Instructions: Plant in well-drained soil in full sun. Prepare a trench 8 inches deep. Space rows 2.5 to 4 feet apart. Put the roots at the bottom of the trench spacing crowns 12 – 18 inches apart in the row. Spread the roots out as far as possible so the roots can establish. Cover the roots with 2 inches of soil. Gradually fill the trench with soil as the plants grow. (if your soil is clay or heavy, you may want to add compost). 

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