Salmon Beauty Canna

Salmon Beauty has beautiful light salmon flowers bloom atop bright green leaf plants.  This canna is a tall canna and can grow up to 5 feet.  Grow them in part to full sun, well-drained soil, and water them regularly.  This canna is easy to grow and multiplies easily.  Cannas can be grown in large containers or in garden beds. These tubers need to be dug up for the winter if you live in zone 6 or lower.  Hardiness zones 7 – 11. Receive 2 tubers in your order.  This is a pre-order and will be available starting late April – early May.

Planting Instructions: Plant these after the last frost. Cannas are planted 3” deep and 18 – 24” apart. Cannas grow well in all types of well-drained soil. Lift these out of the ground in the fall if you live in a lower hardiness zone. Store them in a frost-free location. 

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