Roselily Samantha Lily

Roselily™ Samantha Lily has large pink double flowers with a wide white margin on every petal. There are darker pink spots deep in the center of the flower. The blooms resemble roses when they bloom. This Oriental lily is fragrant and pollen-free. It is long-lasting and makes an excellent cut flower. The plant grows 32-34 inches tall. Hardiness zones 4-9. Receive 2 bulbs in your order. This is a pre-order and will be available in early April.

Planting Instructions:  Lilies are easy to grow in moist well-drained soil. Lilies prefer their feet in the shade and their faces in the sun.  Plant the bulbs about 4 inches deep since they need space at least 12 inches apart. When watering lilies make sure you water the soil and not the actual lily. 

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