Pink Surprise Lily

Pink Surprise Lily (Lycoris Squamigera) is also known as Resurrection Lilies. This perennial will produce 4-7 trumpet-shaped, pink flowers. The flowers are around 3 inches in diameter and have a touch of lilac on petal edges and tips. The plant blooms in late summer to early fall. These flowers are the most cold hardy of the lycoris species. The plant is deer-resistant and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. They grow 18-24 inches tall. Hardiness zones 5-10. Receive 1 bulb in your order.

Planting Instructions: Plant in well-draining, compost-enriched soil in full sun or partial shade. Plant the top of the bulb 2-3 inches below soil level and 6-8 inches apart. If you live in a colder zone water and mulch the soil with compost. The plant will tolerate dry spells. 

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