Moonlight Blend Dahlias

This mix consists of 3 large white decorative dahlias. Moon gardens are typically made of up-white or pale-hued flowers. Plant dahlias and you’ll be richly rewarded. This dahlia mix will bloom from summer through fall.  They will grow 3 to 4 feet.  Plant in full sun. Hardiness zones 8 – 10, elsewhere dig and store in the winter.  You receive 3 tubers per order. This is a preorder and will be available in early to mid April.

Planting Instructions:  Select a planting location with full sun. Dahlias prefer the morning sun and thrive with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Plant after the danger of spring frost has passed. They prefer warmer soil that is rich and well-drained.  Dig a hole 6 – 8 inches deep and plant them 9 – 12 inches apart. Dahlias grow tall so, select a location protected from the wind. Insert stakes when you plant the tubers, it makes it easier to have them there from the start.

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Price: $15.00


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