Sorbet Hosta

Sorbet Hosta is new for 2020. This Hosta has green leaves that have creamy-white leaf margins and red stalks. The leaves are dotted with red near the base. Purple flowers appear in late summer. Hostas are very popular and undemanding perennial. Grown mostly for its decorative foliage, plants remain attractive from spring until frost.  The plant will flower mid-July to early August. Hosta prefers partial shade, although a few will tolerate sun with adequate moisture. Use as a ground cover, for edging, or as an accent plant in the shady border. Although some varieties are sun tolerant, provide 30% shade for best growth and quality. Hardiness zones 3 – 9. Receive 5 bare roots in your order.

Planting: Use well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0 - 6.5.  Plant so the crown is 1" below the soil surface, leaving developing eyes at or just below the soil surface. Spread roots evenly throughout the soil for faster growth. Allow pots to dry slightly between watering, especially until growth appears. Hostas are light to moderate feeders. It is best to incorporate a slow-release fertilizer in the soil prior to transplanting. If topdressing is desired, apply to the top of the soil after potting.

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