Multi Pink Clematis

Multi Pink Clematis is a pink double flowered vine and a new variety for us. This clematis has large flowers with blooms that are 4-5 inches. It almost resembles a dahlia. This plant blooms from June to August and the individual flowers last for 4 weeks. Grows in Zones 4-8 and can also be grown in a container. Our clematis vines are grown by the largest wholesale producer of clematis in North America. Your plants will be shipped directly to you from our grower and planting instructions will be included with your order. All vines are in 2.5-inch pots and are 18-months old. These plants can’t be shipped to Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon or Washington.  We can ship them when appropriate for planting in your zone. 

Planting Instructions: When selecting clematis for your garden, think about mature height, flower, and color. Plant your clematis in moist, well-drained, neutral soil in a sunny location. Dig a hole and be very gentle when placing the plant in the hole as the roots, crown, and developing vines of the plant can be broken. Position the plant 1-2" below the soil surface, so the first set of leaves is just under the soil surface. Water the plant. Spread spiraling roots evenly throughout the soil. Keep evenly moist. Water the plant weekly to get the plant established. 

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